Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad Competition

Participation in National Competition:

Annually, the Institute of Physics Sri Lanka conducts an island – wide competition called “Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad” to recognize and promote science among O/L students. The Institute of Physics will award medals and certificates for the best students who participate in the national competition.

  • The students who are in Grade 9 or 10 could apply for the national competition. Please fill out the application form and post/hand deliver it together with the bank deposit slip to the address given in the form itself, on or before 20th July, 2009. As any number of students could apply from a particular school, it is advisable to photocopy the application form for the use of appropriate number of students. If a particular school wishes to apply as a team they could send a single bank deposit slip to cover the application fee for the total number of students.
  • On August 15, 2009 we will conduct the national competition. This will be a theory paper of two hour duration. The questions will be based on the local O/L science syllabus. The questions are MCQ and semi structured type similar to the O/L questions, but will be little harder. The local competition will take place at the Universities of Colombo, Peradeniya, Kelaniya, Ruhuna, Jaffna and Batticaloa. We will mail the admission card to your school address once we receive the application form.
  • Based on the marks obtained from this local competition, medals and certificates will be awarded. In addition, about twelve students will be selected for further training. At the end of training, the best six students who will participate in the IJSO 2009 will be selected by giving them a second test (probably a practical exam).
  • The local Olympiad competition will be conducted in Sinhala/English/Tamil so that the students could select their preferred medium. The official language of the international competitions is English. However if a student wants the paper in his/her mother tongue, the leaders are entitled to translate the papers beforehand, so that there should not be any language barrier for the contestants to answer the papers.
  • In IJSO, the contestants have to sit for a theory paper which includes questions from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Apart from this, there will be a practical test which consists of one or two experiments. These questions are not easy and proper training is essential in order to achieve high marks. During the spare time the organizers will arrange sight-seeing tours, excursions and other cultural events so that the students are fully occupied.
  • The IJSO Organizing Committee will cover the official expenses for the team, including meals and accommodation during the official period. However, travel expenses between Sri Lanka and Azerbaijan will not be their responsibility. Therefore the students proceeding to Azerbaijan should be able to find funds to buy their air fare.
  • The registration fee for the participation in IJSO will be provided by the National Science Foundation.

About International Junior Science Olympiad:

Since 2004, the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) competition has been held in different countries. Participation in the Olympiads gives opportunities to young talented students from all over the world to share experiences and face challenges in solving science problems. It is considered an honour to any country if certificates and medals are won in this highly competitive examination.

We are happy to inform that from the year 2008, the Institute of Physics Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Department of Physics, University of Colombo and the Ministry of Education has made arrangements for Sri Lankan Students to participate in this prestigious event.

According to the guidelines of IJSO, each nation could send a team consisting of six (06) students. The age of the contestants should not exceed sixteen (16) years in order to participate in international competitions. Due to this age limit, the contestants should not exceed sixteen years on Dec 31, 2009 to participate in the International Olympiad Competition which will be held in Azerbaijan from 2 to 11 Dec, 2009. However, for the National Olympiad Competition there is no age barrier.


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